Columns in The Hoya (Georgetown University):

Viewpoint: Prioritize America Art and Soul

Frame of Reference: The Role of Art in Today’s Divisive Culture

Frame of Reference: The Journey of the Modern Artist

Frame of Reference: Developing a Stronger Arts Curriculum

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A Soiled Picture of Art, Op-ed on ethics in art funding on the blog

Articles published 2016/7 on the Baltimore blog WhatWeekly:

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Should Artists Get Paid for Their Work?

Light City Baltimore

Reviews published 2010 on the DCArtnews blog:

Leslie Schwing at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

Ben Ferry at Hillyer Art Space

Carolina Mayorga at the Art Museum of the Americas

More Photographs than Bricks at the Luther Brady Art Gallery, GW University

Eadward Muybridge at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Steve Szabo at Harmony Hall Regional Center

Gina Clapp at The City Gallery

Dialogues in Mexican Photography at the Mexican Cultural Institute

CHAW’s 4th Annual Photography Exhibition

Time Markers (an article published in Rangefinder Magazine 2008)

Marvelous Markers (a letter to the editor published in the Washington City Paper 2006)

Capture the World through a Pinhole (article published in Footsteps Magazine 2005)

Entries in The Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography (Rutledge 2005)

Artists Books

Bibliotheque Nationale

Central America

Centre Nationale de la Photographie


Jean-Claude Lemagny

Pinhole Photography