Bruce McKaig

 current Projects

A View from the Inside Out

Gallery 1448 1448 East Baltimore Street Baltimore 21231 March 23 - April 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday March 23rd 5:00pm - 7:30pm

For this installation, Gallery 1448 at Artists' Housing Inc. will be transformed into a room-size camera obscura. With the windows blacked out, the outside street scene projects upside-down and backwards - in real time - over the gallery walls and visitors. The installation includes various experiments that explore light and shadow, and pinhole photographs of Gestalt perception drawings. The opening will include visual (magic) illusions and an interpretive performance.
No experience necessary, appropriate for all ages and skill levels. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact Bruce.


Recent Projects


A Parlor Game in the Library

Saturday, November 10, 2018 4pm - 6pm

Gormley Gallery Notre Dame of Maryland University 4700 N Charles St, Fourier Hall, 2nd Floor

A participatory game where participants explore simple safe tasks as they navigate the room. The game is a mixture of Scavenger Hunt, Hide & Seek, and Clue - with a twist on perception. The experience is a look at the value of work, empathy, economics, and cupcakes.

Exhibition: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Workers: The Cowboy, the wrestler, The Dictator

October 27 - November 30 2018

Gormley Gallery Notre Dame of Maryland University 4700 N Charles St, Fourier Hall, 2nd Floor

Equal Justice Residency

The Santa Fe Art Institute July 2018

As a participant in the Equal Justice Residency program at the Santa Fe Art Institute 2018, I spent the nights wandering the abandoned campus of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD). My nocturnal conversations were with graveyard shift security guards and homeless residents trying to navigate the recently vacated 65 acres of classrooms, studios, and dormitories. The conversations shaped the art I made, using fragmented, dismembered, disguised or distorted human body parts, mostly hands, to make installations, photograms, collaborative poems, installations and a performance piece. They also shaped my on-going research into the economics of SFUAD, contract labor (security guards) and homeless residents in Santa Fe.

Art & Labor

Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts Creative Baltimore Fund Grant 2018

The pilot phase of this project connected Baltimore residents with artists to explore stories of labor and life through one-on-one time together and the production of artworks over conversation on work and being neighbors. Participating residents were selected from groups that face systemic challenges to securing gainful employment, including but not limited to single parents, homeless, youth or elderly, returning citizens, and refugees. Artists included myself and additional contributors, primarily residents at Artists’ Housing Inc.

New Economy Maryland Fellowship 2016

The Institute for Policy Studies

New Economy Maryland seeks to help build an economy that better serves all people and protects our planet. We celebrate this moment of opportunity to advance a bold, creative vision of a New Economy that is both rooted in place and committed to peace.

More and more people across the political spectrum are coming to see that the old economy has failed us. There is much to be told about how the New Economy is taking shape in communities all over. Luckily it is not just a story about what should happen someday, but about the inspiring work already underway. We strive to raise up the good work in our community and learn from powerful examples around the globe. (description from The Institute for Policy Studies)


This year-long Fellowship introduced me to people and practices that explore economic models that reflect humane values instead of neoliberal profit-driven criteria. Barter, local currency, gift economy, worker owned, B corporations, are a few of the many alternative models shaped by the values of equitable, accessible, and sustainable practices for individuals and communities. A link to articles on the subject written by Fellows in 2016, including my piece, “A Soiled Picture of Art and Labor, “ ( is here.